Monday, September 30, 2013


"where do we go from heaven?" so goes a line from one of my favorite mighty lemon drops song also of the same title... having written some of the best songs we've done in years, being with some of the best musicians/friends i've had since being in a band, having a vocalist who, for once, could actually sing our songs the way i would want them to be sung, it's just sad thinking that i am again in a situation wherein i have to choose whether to start all over or just to simply end things right this very moment... i still have my other band soft pillow kisses and another new project called swallowing air plus two more other bands, Superminty and Lipstick Tragedy which i could freely start over again if i want to but it's a different story for candyaudioline... i would really want to go on but i think i'm not motivated enough at the moment and apart of feeling really very old for this, i'm afraid of not living up to the standards that we've presently set... i'm pretty sure that i'll always have the consistency in writing songs but the secret to really great songs is having people/band mates with you, who are good at what they are suppose to do and just the right amount of chemistry... we've had that but it's gone now... that's why we've been so quiet for the past year or so... and so. we'll continue to be quiet for the meantime... i'm still figuring things out... although an album is due for release in the near future... and i thinks that's something to look forward too... how long it may take,,

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Buzz Night at Sazi's Bar, April 24, 2011 (Tuesday)

Hello Everyone!

It's Buzz Night tonight (April 24, 2012) at Sazi's Bar Espana. Featuring:

A Series of Fractions

Soft Pillow Kisses

Show Starts at 10:00 PM. Entrance is at Php 150 (with 1 FREE drink).

See you there!!! :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Buzz Night at Sazi's Bar, March 27, 2011 (Tuesday)

Hello Everyone!

It's Buzz Night tonight (March 27, 2012) at Sazi's Bar Espana. Featuring:

Cut Up Imagery

Pinstriped Rebels
Soft Pillow Kisses
Show Starts at 9:30 PM. Entrance is at Php 150 (with 1 FREE drink).

See you there!!! :)

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Candyaudioline Gig at Sazi's Bar on March 2, 2012, Friday

Hello Everyone!

Just Chairs and Tables gig (March 02, 2011 Friday) at Sazi's Bar Espana. Featuring:

Bad Days for Mary
Cut-Up Imagery
Skies of Ember
Popular Days

Show Starts at 10 PM. Entrance is at Php 100 (with 1 FREE drink).

See you there!!! :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Steady Just Steady...

Hello Everyone... Just trying to take things steadily... it's been really rough during the past few months with endless issues haunting us prompting question on "whether or not" and "to or not to"... attempts were taken but twarted just about at the supposedly right moment... anyways... i'm still not used to this "Candyaudioline Thing" of being always on the brink but i just can't do anything about it... Still no album for the meantime... blame it on internal business politicizing... recently practiced and played a gig just a few days ago which as always was fun but... i just miss those early months of 2010 when everything seems to be going our ways and evrything was simply easy... still 2 new songs, an album on the brink of release and a future that will always be uncertain whether we will or we will not... it's the last few days of January 2012... wishing for better days ahead of us... 'til the next post...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Buzz Night at Sazi's Bar, December 27, 2011 (Tuesday)

Hello Everyone!

It's Buzz Night Tonight (December 27, 2011) at Sazi's Bar Espana. Featuring:


The Rain of Crystal Spires
The Sleepyheads

Show Starts at 10 PM. Entrance is at Php 100 (with 1 FREE drink).

See you there!!! :)

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Something Positive

Got a chance to talk to Jeff (Candyaudioline Drummer) last night... i asked him if he was still interested in playing drums for Candyaudioline... He said yes... We'll just have to wait and see if things will pick up from there... Atleast there's something positive to look forward to...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pissed !!!

October is almost over and still nothing to get excited about... the same old situations of coping with some the things i hate most...

Wish we could or i could find people / someone who'd help us / me finish things... Wish there's something inspiring about this situation we're in at the moment...

haven't really posted for a long time coz i can't find the use for such but i guess
there is...

Honestly i feel like it's not going to go anywhere... the waiting has gone to long... i should've let things be when the situation was there... now I'm regretful for giving it another try... a total waste of my / our time...

I just wish people could be more honest and just... mindful of others and not just play safe looking after themselves not considering how difficult it is for the 'affected others"...

Candyaudioline don't really deserve this...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Buzz Night at Sazi's Bar, August 23, 2011

Hello Everyone!

It's Buzz Night tonight (August 23, 2011) at Sazi's Bar Espana. Featuring:

The Mic Reverbs
Cosmopolitan Smokestabs
Lipstick Tragedy

Show Starts at 10pm. Entrance is at Php 100 (with 1 FREE drink). See you there! =)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Slowdive Night " Catch the Breeze Just For a Day"

Slowdive Tribute "Catch the Breeze Just For a Day" (July 28, 2011) at Freedom Bar, Anonas. Featuring:

Skies of Ember

Show Starts at 9:30 pm.

Often derided as My Bloody Valentine clones, I would beg to differ by offering the following proof that the two groups aren’t nearly as similar as some would have you believe. Although Slowdive does the swooning boy/girl layered vocals, the manner in which they are presented isn’t as obscured as those found on Loveless. Kevin Shields was known for his use of volume and tape saturation as a means to achieve the guitar sound found on that classic record. Neil Halstead and co. did actually use a considerable amount of effects pedals (hence the term shoegazer) to achieve their airy sound, ending up with far more in common with groups like The Cocteau Twins and The Cure’s Disintegration than My Bloody Valentine ever did. Finally, in a move which got them dropped from Creation Records in favor of signing real clones Oasis, Slowdive produced one of the forgotten gems of 90s post-rock on Pygmalion.

Now the present, four brave bands will be playing renditions of Slowdive

MONOCHROME - When the Sun Hits
Sweet thing, I watch you
Burn so fast it scares me
You burn so fast it scares me
mind games don’t leave/lose me
I’ve come so far don’t lose me

ELEMENTO - Crazy for You
Crazy for lovin’ you…

Candyaudioline - Celia’s Dream
She told me that she loved me
Love, just for a day
And all the time I feel her
I feel her fade away

Skies of Ember - 40 days
- Alison
- Catch The Breeze

listen close and dont be stoned
i’ll be here in the morning
cause i’m just floating
while your cigarette still burns
your messed up world will thrill me
alison i’m lost

So the story goes that after My Bloody Valentine had nearly bankrupted Creation Records and then couldn’t produce a follow-up to Loveless, label founder Alan McGee started signing Brit-pop groups like Oasis that were actually making money. The majority of American audiences never really caught onto the shoegaze movement during its brief existence anyhow, which was eventually snuffed out by grunge (although Kurt Cobain was noted to be a huge fan of My Bloody Valentine). Slowdive sort of got lost in the transition. Rumor has it that Oasis apparently demanded that in order to be signed to Creation, McGee had to drop Slowdive from the label roster, even though in reality Oasis had released its first single a year prior to Slowdive’s dismissal. During this period, Neil Halstead had become extremely interested in techno and ambient music. With the fact that Creation and Slowdive’s US label, SBK, had offered little to no promotion for Souvlaki and the fact that many of its band members had departed in no small part due to Halstead’s increased drug use and infatuation with the techno scene, it seemed like the group was on the verge of calling it quits. Knowing that they were about to be dropped from Creation, Halstead began work on the final Slowdive record, Pygmalion.